Donations can be dropped off at the Day By Day Warming Shelter, 449 High Ave., Oshkosh, WI. Please call ahead to schedule a drop off time. Please fill out a donation form, which assists us with IRS reporting requirements.


For immediate needs or any other inquiries please call the shelter at 920-203-4536. 

Check out our Amazon list for easy access to our needs list. Our list is just a guideline. If you would like to purchase a different brand or amount, feel free.

​​Wish List

Monetary donations are the most useful, but Day By Day Warming Shelter is currently in need of the following items for the next season:


  • Garbage Bags - 13 Gallon size

  • 33+ gallon black garbage bags (use about 1000 bags per season) - Currently Fulfilled

  • Paper towels (use about 300 rolls per season) -Currently fulfilled

  • Paper bowls 

  • 54 cup coffee maker (1-2) - Currently fulfilled

  • Food Service Gloves (polyethylene/thin disposable)(about 100 boxes of 100 gloves)

  • Styrofoam Cups (2000 cups per season) - Currently fulfilled

  • Paper Plates-Sturdy

  • Breakfast Bags - Currently fulfilled

    • Juice boxes (need about 600 individual/single juice boxes/cans)

    • Fruit Cups/Applesauce Cups (about 600 individual/single snack cups)

    • Granola Bars- soft & chewy bars please

    • Hardboiled Eggs (50-100 of each per month) - Currently fulfilled

  • Coffee (No Decaf Please) Cans (20 cans)-

  • Dry Coffee Creamer (25 cans) -Currently fulfilled

  • Instant Oatmeal (variety flavors: 50 boxes) - Currently fulfilled

  • Hot Chocolate Packets/Apple Cider Packets/Tea Bags (variety: 50 boxes) -Currently fulfilled

  • Sugar (5 lb packages and individual packets) - Currently fulfilled

  • Salt & Pepper (refills or packets) Currently fulfilled

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly (15 jars of each) -Currently fulfilled

Shelter Guest Needs

  • Adhesive Full Boot or Toe Warmers (as many as possible)

  • Ear Plugs (without the cord) (about 1000 pairs) - Currently fulfilled

  • Chapstick (100 sticks) - Currently fulfilled

Hygiene and Clothing Items Needed

  • Toilet Paper - Currently fulfilled

  • Facial Tissues (personal size packs and full size boxes - ongoing need

  • Insulated Winter gloves (100 pairs plus)- Currently fulfilled

  • Warm Winter Hats (100+) - Currently fulfilled

  • Sleeping Bags (about 100)

  • Deodorant men and women (200 sticks)

  • Men's and Women's long underwear (about 50 of each in various sizes)

  • Men's and Women's underwear (about 50 of each in various sizes)

  • Body Wash (men's and women's) - Currently fulfilled

  • Disposable Razors (1000 razors: men's and women's)- Currently fulfilled

  • Shaving Cream men's and women's (50 cans)- Currently Fulfilled

  • Individual Nail Manicure Sets

  • Hair Brushes

  • Men's Combs-New (about 100) - Currently fulfilled

  • Back packs (about 100)

  • Flip Flops (Used for shower shoes) (200 pairs: men's and women's in various sizes) -Currently fulfilled

  • Vinyl gloves (medical gloves/Med/Large/non-powdered) (about 50 boxes of 100)

  • Hand Sanitizer (20 large bottles) - Currently fulfilled

Did you know...?

Day By Day Warming Shelter has a 25 bed capacity. Some evenings, we have to turn guests away when we have already reached capacity. On these evenings, we like to give each guest a blanket or sleeping bag and a gift card for a local fast food restaurant.


Because we ask our meal volunteers to prepare food for 30-35 people, we cannot allow additional guests to eat and leave for the night. The gift cards ensure that those turned away will be able to eat a warm evening meal. 

Bus token, vouchers, and passes are a crucial need for our guests. Access to public transportation allows guests to get to work, doctor's appointments, job interviews, and other local resources.




Insulated hats & gloves are our most highly used item during our operating season. These are especially critical on the coldest winter days. Guests are able to take what they need to make it through the cold winter days.


These are also used when we are at capacity and have to turn away guests. We want them to be equipped as much as possible.


Other high frequency items include paper towel, breakfast bag items, and 33+ gallon garbage bags. 

Shelter Office Supplies and Staff Needs

  • Colored Ink (EPSON T802XL –Magenta, Cyan, Yellow) -2 per month (15 cartridges a season)

  • Black Ink (EPSON T802XL)- 3 per month (20 cartridges a season)

  • Black Ink (Brother TN436BK)

  • Colored Ink (TN431)

  • 3 Tab Fastener Folders (Letter size) -5 boxes of 50 count folders

  • Clothes Pins (200 needed)

Shelter Needs

  • Twin vinyl, waterproof mattresses  (call in advance for specific measurements: 25 needed) -Currently fulfilled

Cleaning Supplies

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner (100 bottles per season) 

  • Bathroom Antibacterial Spray Cleaner (100 bottles per season)

  • Floor Cleaner (100 bottles per season)

  • Mesh Laundry Bags (50 bags)

  • Anti-bacterial Multi-surface Cleaner (100 bottles per season)

  • Empty Spray bottles (about 25) - Currently fulfilled

  • Urinal Scent blocks (15 boxes of 25)

  • Two new medium mops (we already have buckets)

  • Spray Air Fresheners (25 canisters) -Currently fulfilled

  • Bleach - Currently fulfilled

  • Laundry Detergent - Currently fulfilled

  • Dryer Sheets - Currently fulfilled

Gift Cards and Tokens for Guests

  • Bus tokens/vouchers/passes (about 500-as many as you can get)

  • Gift Cards for Hardees/Burger King/McDonalds. (about 200 of $10 gift cards)

  • $25 Walmart gift cards- For case management purposes, in case guests need to buy items for work such as steel-toed boots, tools, safety glasses, etc.