Season 11 Sponsors
2021-2022 Season

Did you know that it costs over $50 to house an individual in emergency shelter for one night? 

Your support provides overnight shelter and other basic human needs including safety, food, personal hygiene items, laundry services, showering facilities, and clothing items.

Not only does Day by Day provide emergency overnight shelter and basic human needs, Day by Day provides homeless individuals the opportunity to rebuild their lives through the Resource Coordination Program.

Season 11 Sponsors will be recognized on our website, social media, e-newsletters and print materials. Company logos will be used for all Monthly and Season Sponsorships.

Our overnight shelter operates from October 15-April 15. 

Entire Season:

Festival Foods

Silver Star Brands

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ssb logo.jpg

1 Month:


Gardina's Kitchen and Bar

Rotary Club of Oshkosh Southwest




Fox Valley Savings Bank

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Rotary logo.jpg
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4+ Nights

Nancy Stroh

Russell Perry

Larry & Virginia Westover

Gerald and Paula Stephens

1-3 Nights

Fr. Joseph Mattern

The family of David & Irene Luebke

Majorie Zick

Kathleen Robl

Lou Ann Polishinski

Jason & Buffi Kremers

Gloria Jahn Splittgerber

Beth Potter

Kathleen Kotschi

Tracy Frost

J Philip & Mary Cundy

Eric and Chris Bauer

Joyce Miller

Vicky Schmidt

Stanley & Connie Schuster

Kathryn Webb

2 Weeks:

Tim McHugh

Gift Cards

Valley Pest Control

Nancy Albright

Marvin & Frances Mengeling

Dr. Michael & Pat Schumerth

Carol Ann Gumz

Isabelle Wiske

M Charles & Virginia Davis

Mary Moore

Janet Warner

Randal Philipp

Peter & Rebeca Bruce-Allington

Gary & Sandra Yakes