Sponsor a Bed

2020-21 Season

Did you know that it costs over $50 to house an individual in emergency shelter for one night? Day by Day Warming Shelter is excited to announce our new sponsorship opportunity to “Sponsor a Shelter Bed."

Day by Day Warming Shelter offers the wonderful opportunity to friends and supporters of DBD to sponsor a guest in shelter; whether it's for one night, or the entire 6 month season. Just designate in your donation that you are “Sponsoring a Guest” for ‘x’ amount of nights.

Your support provides overnight shelter and other basic human needs including safety, food, personal hygiene items, laundry services, showering facilities, and clothing items.

Not only does Day by Day provide emergency overnight shelter and basic human needs, Day by Day provides homeless individuals the opportunity to rebuild their lives through the Resource Coordination Program.

Sponsors also receive recognition based on their level of sponsorship. Recognition would include being included in our monthly newsletters and published on our website. This is a great way to advertise your business or show that you are helping make a change in someone's life. If you sponsor an entire season for someone, your name will also be hung above a bed in our shelter space.

What are you waiting for? Our overnight shelter operates from October 15-April 15. 

Guest Per Night Sponsors:

Carlotta Ader

T.L & Pamela Anderson

Mark & Nancy Benkoske

Dan & Colleen Bissett

Bob & Connie Brandenstein

Mr & Mrs Bill Bracken

Mae Buettner

Thomas Burgett

Richard & Nancy Casey

Carl & Kathy Chapman

Barbara Christenson

Mary Cundy

Daryl & Rainy Davis

William Doubek

David Erikson

Casa Esther

Shari Floyd

Sonya Fraleigh

Stephen Halron

Vernice Haase

Barbara Herzog

Barry Horne

Maureen Johnson

Kelli Karpinski

Kenneth & Virginia Krohn

Diane Lang

Robert Langlitz

Steve & Stacy Lautenschlager

Jeff & Jan LaVake

William & Jodi Leu

Kris Martin

Mr & Mrs Marvin Melberg

Marvin & Frankie Mengeling

Joyce Miller

Bill & Karen Moyle

Aimee & Bruce Niendorf

Maxine Nobbe

Bill & Sharon Oberkrieser

Lucy Ohlrich

Randy Philipp

Beth Potter

Jill Putzer

Ann Rumlow

Richard Schmit

Susan Snider

Gloria Splittgerber

Laurie & Jim Steffen

Kathryn Strey

Nancy Stroh

Lisa Tetzlaff

Cynthia Thorpe

Sally & Lew Tusken

Mark & Deb Wallintin

Mr & Mrs Bob Warnke

Kathy Webb

Sherry & Burt Werch

Robert Wonders

Gary & Sandra Yakes

Marjorie Zick

Julia & George Zinth

44 North

One Month Sponsors:

Carlton & Sharon Uselman

Christine Troxell

First Weber Foundation


Jim & Joan Killinger

Mark & Barbara Thompson

Shea Electric & Communication Inc

Season 10 Sponsors:

Capital Credit Union

Oshkosh Corp

Silver Star Brands

Contact Us

​Shelter : 920-203-4865

Administration : 920-203-4536
Email : volunteers@warmingshelter.com



449 High Ave.

Oshkosh, WI 54901

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