Each year Day by Day receives so many wonderful gifts either in honor of or in memory of loved ones. We want to honor those individuals on this page. Thank you to all of the families and friends who have given to us. We truly appreciate the gift of helping your loved ones legacy live on by helping others. 


In honor of Denise Robson and Sean Butler


In memory of Barbara Jean Baker

In memory of Angie Schaefer

In memory of Nina Leib

In honor of 57th Wedding Anniversary for Pastor & Mrs. M. Dismer

In honor of Pat Kufel-Ebben

Many generous donations in memory of David Hayford

In memory of Tom Walter

In memory of Loretta Hoversten

In memory of Grace Sawyer

Many generous donations in memory of Robert R. Swan

In memory of Peggy Bostwick

In memory of Beth Heuer

Many generous donations in memory of Adam Rehm

In loving memory of David and Irene Alice Luebke

In memory of Andy Schweda

In memory of Betty and Bob Burns

In memory of Ruth and Ray Scharpf

In memory of Carol Brown

In memory of Lou Palmeri

In honor of the birthdays of:
Jim Osborn, Jim Krueger, and Michael Belongie
In honor of Keaton D Reissmann and Hannah-Rain E Reissmann
In honor of Kris and Bob Baumgarter
In memory of Rev. and Lillian ER Rapp
In memory of Sara Scherer
In honor of James & Verena Paulson
In honor of Rev. Deb Swets
In honor of Kristin Duda