Each year Day by Day receives so many wonderful gifts either in honor of or in memory of loved ones. We want to honor those individuals on this page. Thank you to all of the families and friends who have given to us. We truly appreciate the gift of helping your loved ones legacy live on by helping others. 


In memory of Barbara Jean Baker

In memory of Angie Schaefer

In memory of Nina Leib

In honor of 57th Wedding Anniversary for Pastor & Mrs. M. Dismer


In memory of Norman Binder

In memory of Beth Heuer

In honor of Mariellen Kuehn

In memory of Richard Moeller

In memory of Norman "Norm" Sitte

In honor of Ann & Jeff Trembly

In memory of Linda Rose Gajewski

In memory of Denis B Kaufmann

In memory of Dorothy Marsh Gallinger

In memory of Andy Schweda

In honor of the Family of David & Loretta Gahr

In honor of Brian Langkau family

In honor of Becky Metz's Birthday

In honor of Mike & Robin Flanigan

In honor of Mike & Amy Matschi

In honor of Denise Robson

In honor of Sean Butler

In memory of Dennis & Barbara Bloechl
In honor of Father Marcus Cunningham
In memory of Ann Christensen
In honor of Dorothy Day
In honor of the DBD Staff
In memory of Wayne Fox
In honor of Todd & Megan Gillingham
In memory of Tony Goehler
In memory of Frank Jungwirth
In honor of Stan & Ginny Killinger
In memory of James Lain 
In honor of Marguerite Lawson & Janet Domiano
In memory Rich Moeller
In memory of Jeanne Noe
In honor of Carissa Pahlow
In memory of Steve Peper
In memory of Chuck & Joyce Robertson
In honor of Barb Schmitz
In memory Andy Schweda
In honor of Abigail Sorensen's 12th Birthday
In memory of Veronica
In memory of Robert & Mary Wonders

In Honor of Chanda Anderson's Birthday
In Memory of Henrietta (Honey) Bush
In Memory of Larry Code
In Memory of Dorothy Day
In Memory of Armand Eber Hardy
In honor of Jodi Harrell's Birthday
On Memory of the Konopka Family
In honor of Terrie Kragenbrink's Retirement
In Honor of Jay Lang's 50th Birthday
In Honor of the Cross' 40th Wedding Anniversary
In Memory of Mike Malchow
In Memory of Steven Mallas
In Memory of Gloria Miller
In Memory of Jerry & Sandy Putman
In Memory of Lyle Reigel
In Memory of James Riedes
In Memory CW & Virginia Riley 
In Memory of Tony Rosario
In honor of Fr. Matt Simonar
In Honor of Ann & Jeff Trembley
In Memory of Ole Veseth
In Honor of John Vette
In Honor of Steve Warner's Birthday
In Honor of Helen Williams
In honor of Joe & Sharon Youngbauer
In Honor of Chris Zuleger's Birthday