Guest Testimonials

“I sometimes sit here and watch the staff and volunteers and I am just awed and amazed at what these individuals are doing to assist us guests in our time of need. I hope they know that they are appreciated.” -RS

​“It’s nice to be able to walk into the shelter knowing that I am safe and cared for.” -KR

“I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my goals without your assistance in connecting me to local resources and heading me into the right direction. It’s all thanks to you that I am getting my shoulder taken care of, applying for disability, enrolling in BadgerCare and Food Share, and finding

the right apartment.” -LK

"The Shelter is the closest thing I have right now to being at home.
That means a lot. You get to come in get warm, get to eat something,
it makes you feel more like a person again. I am trying right now to get
a job, I did have a job, but I do honestly believe I was up front with
them about my living situation and they just stopped putting me on
the schedule. Still applying because I do want more stability in my life." -TB

“The people here are great, they are like family to me, I consider this family more than my own. The staff is great, the volunteers are really great and we get very hot meals every day when open and it is sweet!” -GL


"We left home and moved here thinking it would be easier to find a
place to live but it wasn’t. We just ran out of funds so then we were on
the streets for quite a while. Living in a car. Didn’t know where I was
staying from night to night. It is very stressful, always in crisis, scary and
you learn to survive. Some days you eat and some days you don’t.
It is hard to plan for a job if you can’t take a shower. I am thankful
for the Shelter and where I have a warm meal, a bed to sleep in. I am
thankful for my cup of coffee when I get it. It doesn’t take much to make
me happy." -ST