100 Champions of Summer

Help our guests continue their journey "home" by supporting our summer program.

Be one of our 100 Champions of Summer!


• One-on-one resource coordination and
goal setting
• Open day-time shelter hours:
Monday through Friday
• Shower Facilities
• Employment assistance including: resume
writing and interview help
• Finance workshops
• Health and Wellness classes
• Housing assistance
• Volunteer opportunities
• Healthy meals and snacks

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  • Send your donation to 

Day By Day Warming Shelter

449 High Ave

Oshkosh, WI  54901

  • Pay online using a credit/debit card or via PayPal here

  • Stop by the shelter to donate in person during our office hours

Please make a note with your donation

that you would like to be one of our

100 Champions of Summer



44 North Advertising and Design

Carol Horejs

Cathy and Frank Jungwirth

Daniel and Ann Pistohl

Daryl and Lorraine Davis

David Jones

David Kujawa

David and Diane Sparr

Donna Lord

Eric Sparr

Fr. Joseph Mattern

Gary and Wendy Gelhar

George and Julie Zinth

James and Jane Hoffman

James Krueger

James and Michelle Medvecz

James and Penny Blackmore

JBECK Revocable Trust

Jere and Cheryl Nicholas

Johnnie and Diane Lowe

Judy Weiss

Kathleen Kotschi

Kathleen Lutzke

Kathryn and Michael Swederske

Kimberly Rivers

Leon's Frozen Custard, Inc

Lisa Helmer

Lynette and James La Violetter

Marcia Smith-Leslie

Mary Buttke

Mary Louise Lewis

Michele Foot

Mimi Meyer

Molly Yatso Butz

Nancy Stroh

Pat Geffers 

Pat and Tom Hallquist

Pat Kufel-Ebben

Paulette Feld

Randall Phillip

Robert and Jean Roe

Robert Wonders

Roosevelt School

Russell and Sheila Perry

Steve and Gladys Szabo

Tom and Janet Dunham

William and Susan Bracken